Unapologetically Pro-Life

Unapologetically Pro-Life

Ok, here we go, or maybe the question should be where do I start? This is going to be my GLOB, my God Blog.


Created by Karla Sutter, scripted by Sarah Rider

This will not be a normal blog, who am I kidding I have never read a blog or followed one. When God puts something on your heart you have to tell it. I’m sure many blogs start with “people have told me to do this but I haven’t listened till now.” So now I’m listening to God. I’m going to be very intentional about ever word or thought I put on paper. I will share with you why I am Unapologetically Pro-Life. I am the CEO of Flutter, was a pregnancy director for 10 years, have been a single mother, widowed, and I am mother of four beautiful children. I believe that life starts from the moment of conception in the womb until we breath our last breath and are gently placed in the tomb. I have seen the damage that abortion can cause to an unborn child and to the mother. I hope this brings value to your life maybe to make you laugh or cry maybe both, to make you feel something you have not felt before or to think about something in a new way. I’m also a firm believer in the Word of God. A lot of my God blogs will be from scripture.

As I read Psalm 10 this morning I began to weep and then I became angry. As we walk through Psalm 10 NIV, I hope this inspires you to think. ₁” Why, Lord, do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of troubled? ₂In his arrogance the wicked man hunts down the weak who are caught in the schemes he devises.”

As I read this scripture I replaced the wicked with the Abortion Industry and it is clear who the weak are and who are caught in the schemes. As I thought about why the Lord stands far off, I believe it is because we have become numb as a Christian people, for so long we turned a blind eye. We have allowed the Abortionist to take the word away from us therefore weakening out position. We need to stand up for the unborn in every nation. ₃”He boast about the cravings of his heart, he blesses the greedy and reviles the Lord. ₄In his pride the wicked mad does not seek Him, in all his thoughts there is no room for God.” I believe the reason the Abortion Industry is so strong is because they bless the greedy, they are prideful, and they do not seek the thoughts of God.

I believe one of the reasons they are so successful is they know how to speak to our weaknesses, to the selfish heart. I found that when I was in the counseling room, at the pregnancy center, most of the girls who follow through with abortion were living in the world, and the world is selfish and proud.₈”He (Abortion Industry) lies in wait near the villages, from ambush he murders the innocent. His eyes watch in secret for his victims. ₉Like a lion in cover, he lies and waits. He lies in wait to catch the helpless. He catches the helpless and drags them off in his net.”

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Abortion has been happening since the beginning of time. There were many reasons abortion happened in the Bible: they would toss babies in the stream, sacrifice them, and it even talks about ripping open pregnant women. The Abortion Industries cover the killing with fancy marketing and lies. One of their favorite being “it’s your body it’s your life” we know this isn’t true. However, ₁₀”His victims are crushed, they collapse, they fall under his strength. ₁₁He says to himself ‘God will never notice.’ He covers his face and never sees.” As Christians we know God sees everything. I believe that he is in Heaven weeping at complacency and lack of faith. ₁₂”Arise Lord lift up your hand, oh God, do not forget the helpless. ₁₃Why does the wicked man revile God? Why does he say to himself he will not call me to account?” I believe God is calling us to account the wicked man.

It is time to stand up, God has called the (Unapologetically Pro-Life) to see the afflicted, to consider their grief, to take it in hand, to rescue the victims, knowing that God is the helper of the fatherless. ₁₅”God break the arm of the wicked man, call the evil doer(Abortion Industry) to account for his wickedness that would not otherwise be found out.”  As I said before God sees all, knows all, and he is calling us to account. ₁₆”The lord is King forever and ever, the nations will parish from his land. ₁₇You Lord hear the desire of the afflicted, you encourage them, and listen to their cry.” God is equipping all of us. He has given us the gift of ultrasound so that we will be able to, ₁₈Defend the fatherless and the oppressed so mere earthy mortals will ever again strike terror.”